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Anthar : Inside, Invisible (Soul, Concept,etc..,)

Yoga : Joining

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Solve the problems in your daily life through the ways of the GREAT INDIAN VEDHIC & CULTURAL RULES and CONCEPTS.  The ancient scriptures and other spiritual artifacts throws light on the secret power of nature, its blessings and the mystical being called God. The collective study of all these is Anthar yoga.

To diagnose the problems in life, to know the future, to solve problems, to get blessed, to lead a happy life; our ancient people followed some principles which are named as ASTROLOGY, DHAANAM, JAPAM, POOJA, HOMAM, AAVAAHANAM(healing through MAANTHRIC), YANTHRAM, etc. Our ancestors followed some disciplines giving importance mostly to cultural concepts and prayers. The true and natural effect of powers were obtained, this is called ANTHARYOGA.

The present modern generation surrender under the concepts of business, finance, etc., people are unable to attain true knowledge and they believe only the visible and colorful surroundings. This is called the generation of BAHIRYOGA.

On understanding the present fast generation, ANTHARYOGA aims to protect the society by applying various Hindu Vedhic and Cultural Subjects written and suggested by many ancient, great and honest Indian Vedhic scholars, Saints, Masters and present honest and intelligent teachers and also through many practical experiences.

A Miracle @ Villivakkam Ayyapan Temple
Sudharshana - Varam
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