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            Shambu Namboodri is from a well known north Kerala Brahmin family which dwelled in the familiar house of thottapuram mana. The family was famous for its knowledge and practice of maanthric upaasana and other associated devotional practices.

As the years rolled by the generation gap affected the entire family on the orthodox practices as the newer generation diverged into other fields of profession. As a result the passing of knowledge cycle from the elderly was lost. This affected the entire family and the generation.

At an early age Shambu Namboodri was a strict follower of the family’s teachings and for thottapuram mana found its missing link through this child. Shambu was attracted to the teachings and his insatiable hunger for the hidden knowledge of maanthric upaasana grew as the time flew by. At a very young age he was skilled enough to perform complex rituals with ease satisfying ancient code of conduct.

His hunger for knowledge on Manthric and Thanthric practices lead him to diversify into astrology and remedies. He devised various remedies through his hard earned hidden knowledge on the Thanthric rituals. Shambu to this day is simple and does not brag about his knowledge on the latter. His ready to help intentions and immaculate knowledge on the remedies and the rituals has made him the most sought after person for all kinds of rituals and remedies.

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